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Air Conditioning Installation

We specialize in the installation of wall units. 

There are two main types of air conditioning units. 
 A- On/off these units work like the name sounds, if you set it to 23 degrees- when the unit feels that its 24 degrees or above in the room it turns on, when the unit senses that the room has reached 22 degrees it turns off - these are the simple old kind of units they cool the room however they are inefficient and don't keep a steady temperature 

B- Inverter systems, these units, are smarter and much more efficient, they know how to keep the room always at the temperature that you set it to, by speeding up and slowing down the outdoor motor. This leads to a much more comfortable feeling and saves you a lot of money on electricity

We only install the new inverter type units, even though on/off units are readily available on the market. We feel that the small savings upfront of the on/off units, cost the customer a lot in the long run and that they are not a good financial investment. The new inverter type systems are remarkably more efficient and customers will usually make back their money within the first year or two of use. In addition to the fact that customers with inverter units enjoy a significantly better A.C. experience.
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