HandyMench FAQ's

Keeping our customer’s convenience in mind, we have answered all the most frequently asked questions here:

Yes we do – and our customers are happy to tell you all about our amazing service. Just ask via the Contact Us page and we will connect you with someone in your neighborhood.
Yes, we offer a worry free guarantee - if we worked on it and it's not working right, we will come back no questions asked. The guarantee on workmanship is one year unless otherwise stated.
Our employees are thoroughly trained and screened before they are allowed to work for us at the HandyMench. We wouldn’t send someone to you who we don't trust with our livelihood.
We accept cash, checks and credit card at the time the job is completed.
You can bring your own materials, but it isn’t necessary. Our workers carry an inventory of materials needed for most jobs around the house, and whenever necessary, they are happy to go shopping for you at local home improvement centers.
Sunday - Thursday: 7:30 am - 6pm Friday 7:30 - 2pm Shabbat: Closed
We have a very transparent billing structure as we charge by the item and not by the hour. We feel that this is the most honest way to do business. We suggest that you speak to us to understand more. Visit our ‘contact us’ page for details.
We mark up our material cost by 20%. Usually we buy the materials at a discount from our suppliers making it that the price that you pay will be the same as in your local store. However sometimes we have to trackdown a specialty item that takes allot of time and effort, so instead of charging for that time, we mark up the product 20% regardless of if its a 7 shekel item or a 300 shekel item. We feel that this is the most honest way to charge as we are providing door to door service. We know that if we were to charge for the time of tracking down each item, most of the time the customer would end up paying more then the 20% mark up. In addition most people would gladly pay the mark up then have to deal with hasel of having to find the part themselves. Finding unique parts can require going to 3 or 4 stores that may be at opposite ends of the city. we find that the 20% mark up allows us not to loose money on these shopping trips, and still provide our customers with a great door to door experience. 
We offer a range of services from plumbing, electrical, outdoor maintenance, gardening, furniture repair and much more. Please visit our website ‘Services’ page for more information.
We only hire skilled and experienced people with a proven track record in the industry.
We are a young organization, started in 2015 with a deep commitment to providing quality home repair and maintenance services, with a warranty, and great customer service.
Yes and no - we provide free, no-obligation quotes to our customers via email. If you send in photos, we will do our best to provide you with an accurate estimate of the cost of your repairs. Please visit our ‘contact us' page and reach out with your project details. We will provide an estimate and quote prices after understanding the project requirements. In-house estimates cost a minimum service charge (please see the price list) that is deducted from the cost of the job if you choose to hire us. We must charge for in-home estimates as we bookout an appointment slot, to come to your home and give you our full attention.
We are based out of Jerusalem, and we service from Modiin to Gush Etzion including Bet Shemesh and the Yishuvim in Harey Yehuda. If you live within 40KM of jerusalem we will gladly provide service
We are a Jewish Zionist organization - get to know us by checking out the team section in the about page.
In order to be cost effective we canot come out for less than 351 Shekel + vat. That means that if you have 1 light fixure to install even though the price is 125 as per the price list, we would still have to charge 351+vat however if you have 3 picture frame (35) and 2 light fixurs (125 each) your total would only be 355+vat.  

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