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We work with many major worldwide brands to maintain and repair their retail locations in Israel. We offer maintenance packages that will fit any size store. We will maintain and repair air conditioning, plumbing electrical and carpentry faults anywhere in Israel. We are approved to work within malls and understand that some work needs to be completed at night due to mall regulation. We take pride in our work and ensure that our technicians never reflect badly on your brand name. If your looking for a one stop shop headache free solution contact us today at commercial@handymench.co

Handymench received the contract to assemble and distribute 13,953 pieces of furniture in the new 50,000 sqm Microsoft building in Herzliya. We assembled and installed the furniture over the course of 3 months and finished a month early. The Furniture was manufactured by Knoll and shipped over from Italy. The scope of work included distribution and assembly of desks, meeting room tables, executive tables, pedestals, filing cabinets, monitor arms, chairs, and dividers. 
United States Department of State
United States Embassy In Jerusalem.
Handymench received the contract for the full MEP (Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical and HVAC) Works at the new Jerusalem Embassy. The work was done to the specifications of the United State Building code and followed OSHA regulation. Our US trained technicians did a great job. 
RP Aero Systems

Handymench was contracted by RP Aero Systems to design repair and maintain the H.V.A.C. and smoke extraction system in the Boing 737 aircraft simulator.  We custom designed an air conditioning solution and had it manufactured and implemented by our local team at the Elal facility in Lod, Israel 

HandyMench was contracted to repair and maintain air conditioning systems at the ELAL facility in Lod Israel
Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance
Summer is almost at its peak and the heat is rising. In such situations, a broken A.C. unit might make all the difference between a pleasant day and a living nightmare. To keep your business alive and running and provide your employees and clients with a refuge from the heat and ensure a convenient atmosphere, you need a professional.
With Handymench, you will always have commercial air conditioning maintenance services at your disposal - provided by English-speaking repair personnel.

We Are Just One Phone Call Away
Our staff keeps a flexible schedule, ensuring a quick and reliable response to every need you might have. We are 
available for every emergency at your venue.

Professional Maintenance
Keep your A.C. systems in perfect working condition. Our professionals will perform routine check-ups and will make sure you will always enjoy the best performance.
Want to learn more about our services? We await your inquiry. 


Commercial Plumber Israel
Commercial Plumber Israel
As a business owner, we are positive that you want the best for your clients. The most basic requirement to attain the highest standards in service is maintaining your infrastructures with care. This is where we step in. 

Your Plumbing Professionals
If you have looked for such services before, you must have realized this fact. When looking for an English-speaking commercial plumber Israel, as you might have noticed, is lacking. Handymench hires only English-speaking professionals with proven experience in knowledge to ensure you will receive the best service available.

Keep Your Business Running 
When you have professional plumbers available at all times, even for emergencies, your business will never have to shut down due to a clog or a burst pipe. We are here to make sure you can get back on track ASAP. 
Your new commercial plumber is waiting for you on our site. Just contact us and we will get right to work.
Commercial Electrician Israel
Commercial Electrician Israel
In order to meet your client's needs and maintain credibility, your business must always have the means to provide them with constant availability. We understand that this is not an easy task – which is why we have dedicated solutions for the commercial sector. When you always have professional electricians at hand, your business will never suffer downtimes. 

Various Professional Services
No matter which issue requires our attention, we have the knowledge, the equipment, and the manpower to get you back on track. 
•Communication infrastructure repairs.
•Lighting fixtures. 
•Heating devices, fans, and A.C. units.
•Outlets and switches.
•Automatic devices for Shabbat. 

Maintenance at Your Fingertips
Handymench offers you a flexible and convenient schedule which will allow you to receive service as soon as possible and handle every emergency efficiently.
When it comes to the demand for a commercial electrician - Israel offers just a handful of companies with such availability and standards of service. This is your chance to experience new standards of service. 
For a flexible, professional, and cost-efficient solution, just contact us via our site and we will contact you as soon as possible. 
Commercial Air Conditioning Repair in Israel
Commercial Air Conditioning Repair in Israel
Taking the Israeli weather into account, a well-maintained air conditioning system is a must-have in order to provide your clients and your employees with a pleasant environment. 
Our air conditioning repair technicians are at your service and will make sure that during the summer, you will keep cool - while making it warm and cozy in the winter.

English-Speaking Staff
When it comes to Commercial air conditioning repair, Israel is lacking a wide variety of English-speaking professionals. This is where we come in.
Our highly skilled and experienced staff will not only provide you with the most advanced and available solutions at short notice, but it also consists solely of English-speaking technicians, who will maintain your AC without cutting any corners.

We Are Waiting for Your Call 
Whether your air conditioning system needs to be fixed, or if you are looking for a maintenance service, your organization deserves only the best.
Just leave your details on our website or contact us via Phone, WhatsApp, or Messenger chat now, and get a quick and efficient response.
Commercial Store Maintenance Israel
Consumers today are pickier than ever. To keep your customers loyal and maintain long-lasting relationships with them, make sure your infrastructures are well maintained.
Whether your retail store needs a new coat of paint, a new plumbing system, or any other type of maintenance work, Handymench is at your service with leading experts in various professional fields. Our Plumbers, Handymen, Electricians and Air Conditioning technicians are at your disposal.

Your Business Deserves the Best
If you are looking for professionals for commercial store maintenance, Israel offers a variety of able services. However, it is rare to find an agency that offers such a wide range of services under one roof that is english speaking and professional. Our Plumber, electricians, handymench and AC technicians are highly experienced, and they all speak English to accommodate your needs. 

Professional Store Maintenance Services by Handymench
No matter what type of maintenance your store requires, we have the tools and skills to keep it in shape. Leave your details on our website or contact us via Phone, WhatsApp or Messenger chat, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 
Residential Air Conditioning Repair - AC Repair
The Israeli climate requires an efficient air conditioning system year round– and when it comes to residential air conditioning repair, Handymench is your natural choice. We service Wall units, Central units, and VRF systems and hidden units. 

Let Professionals Do the Work
Our staff is available for any maintenance your system might need regularly - and will be at your service on short notice to fix any issue your AC is experiencing.
In order to ensure you will get the best service available, we hire only well-trained professionals that specialize in residential air conditioning repair. Our technicians are certified by Electra, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Tadrian, Tornado, Family, LG, Samsung and Diakin.   Our English-speaking team of professionals will provide you with the service you deserve – right when and where you.

AC Repair Services by Handymench
The Air conditioning systems of your household are the basic core of your entire residential experience. To have a place you can truly call home, it is crucial to keep your building well-maintained. Get maintenance services provided by professionals.
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