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About Us

We are a premier Handyman services that services the greater Jerusalem area including Modiin, Gush Etzion, Bet shemesh and the yishuvim in the judea mountains, our team of qualified experts work hard to maintain your home. 
Our services include Plumbing, Electrical, Air conditioning installation and Servicing, Bug screens, door repair, Locks, windows, Painting and Plaster as well as a range of other important chores that you may need to upkeep your home.

We are a young organization committed to offering unique service to our clients. We believe in honesty and customer service, that is the mission statement of our organization. Our team of trusted qualified professionals ensure handling of all tasks with great precision and care. Our services are quick, reliable, and clean, taking care of all your needs. We are a one-stop shop for any type of home repair related service. And all of our work includes our worry free guarantee if we touched it and its not working right we come back no if and's or buts  

Our business practices are based on a solid foundation. We offer reliable services, accurate estimates, reasonable pricing, are highly organized, and run a dependable schedule, providing accurate billing, quality materials, warranties, and instructions.
We are easily contactable and flexible enough in accommodating last-minute requests or urgent scheduling of repairs. Our unique approach and quality customer service make us standout in this business.

The Team

Moshe T
Operations Manager
Dave K
General Manager
Shlomo G
Yosef Chaim B
David A
Aharon H
David F
Aliza M
Office Manager

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