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The HandyMench

The upkeep of your home requires a lot of time, commitment, and
seasonal maintenance. In the fast-paced world we live in, there is
little time for doing the extra work that crops up beyond our routine
work life. A reliable and professional service provider, who has all
the home-related maintenance solutions, is all you can ask for. 

The HandyMench

Upkeeping your home requires a lot of time, commitment,
and seasonal maintenance. In this fast paced world we live in,
there is practically no time for doing the extra work that crops up,
beyond our routine work life. A reliable Professional service provider
with all the home related maintenance solutions, is all one can ask for.

We do just about anything

At the HandyMench, we understand your requirements
and provide a comprehensive home improvement solution,
the work we do includes all electrical related tasks
such as lights, fans, outlets and switches;
various plumbing tasks like snaking drains, resetting toilets,
caulking sinks and repairing small leaks.

The HandyMench

Right from AC installations to Bug screens we do it all,
the HandyMench deals with every project related to home repair,
our prices are reasonable, our customer service is superb,
and we only to top quality work, no chappering,
we also offer a worry free guarantee as our warranty.

Air conditioning repair


Handyman - Electrical - Plumbing -Air Conditioning Repair & cleaning

The HandyMench was founded to give the residents of Israel a comprehensive home repair solution with an emphasis on customer service. We have handymen, plumbers,  electricians and AC technicians on staff we service Jerusalem, Gush Etziyon and Modiin, Rechovot, Bet shemesh and are growing each day. 

We repair everything around the house that needs fixing, call us and we can schedule an electrician for your light fixtures,  a plumber for your toilets and sinks, and a handyman for your doors, windows, mirrors, locks, screens, trissim, and furniture repair.  We also have certified Air conditioning technicians for your HVAC needs.
We speak English and strive to provide the best customer service in the industry. We warranty our work with our worry free guarantee, thats got no if and or buts. If we touched it and it not working right we will come back and fix it for free. 

As a trusted home maintenance service provider, we have reliable solutions to all your home maintenance needs. Our dedicated home improvement professionals are trained to diagnose any type of trouble, and have the necessary expertise and tools to fix it. We have expert technicians with a range of specializations, skill sets, and experience, insuring that you always get the right people for the job. Our people are the best, completing clean quality work, insuring your satisfaction every time.

What makes us different?
Our English speaking team provides clean quality work, offering a worry free guarantee, we keep our appointment times, and if there are any problems, we will come back, every time.  

Our business practices are based on a solid foundation. We offer reliable services, accurate estimates, reasonable pricing, are highly organized, and run a dependable schedule, providing accurate billing, quality materials, warranties, and instructions. We are easily contactable and flexible enough in accommodating last-minute requests or urgent scheduling of repairs. Our unique approach and quality customer service make us stand out in this business.

The Team

Our team of experts are committed to getting your home in tip top shape. All of our Handymen Plumbers and Electricians speak a fluent english. We provide accurate and transparent pricing, we leave the premises cleaner then when we got it, and we understand what real customer service means. 

Moshe T
Operations Manager
Shlomo G
David A
Aharon H
What customers have to say about Handymench Services

Leah G

The Handymench repaired my furniture and replaced a light fixture. They did a wonderful job. I highly recommend using them for repairs around the house.

Jaia R

Friendly, serious amazing team. They had being doing more than one job in my home,and I'm very satisfied with them.

Eva B

The handymench fixed an outdoor pipe for us. Nothing was too hard. They rented a ladder tall enough to reach (something no other Plummer had) were reliable. On time, and extremely honest. I can not recommend them highly enough.

Beverly K

They are so professional and honest. "They did a really great job and were super responsive and on top of things. Really pleasant to work with and thorough. They are also dedicated to doing a complete job without leaving any lose ends or a mess which is really uncommon here." She couldn't be happier! Anyone in the Jlem area should not hesitate to look them up!

Richard K

We needed a tris repaired and a noisy air conditioner fixed. Moshe came at the time he was supposed to and did the job quickly and efficiently. Our dog got along well with him as well.

Haya B.

These guys fixed everything on my list with a smile and even cleaned up after the job!

Danny S.

Great friendly team of experts! With them so easily available I’ve stopped doing odd-jobs around the house.

Robin W

Very hard workers, intuitive in figuring out any household issue, and really nice guys!

Ben G

For all of your Handyman needs you only truly need to contact Handymench. Clean, professional service with a smile. Exactly what we need. Thank you for your excellent service and clean work. My home is in the shape it deserves because of your professionalism

Ilana H.

Really happy with the service. Efficient, cleaned up after them, did a fantastic job and all with a smile.

Thank you

Thank you for contacting The HandyMench, we appreciate your patronage someone will contact you shortly